Harris & Harris Virtual Exhibit – Healthcare Revenue Cycle

We miss seeing you in person…

But we think this is fun too.

For over 50 years, Harris & Harris has fostered lasting relationships, formed strong friendships, and built long term client partnerships through face-to-face interactions. Until we can safely travel and gather again, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting our favorite organizations through a virtual setting.

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Expert Level Complex Claims

Unparalleled customer service and advanced claims management tools, combined with our tenured leadership team of attorneys and RCM experts, makes Harris & Harris an obvious choice for handling hospital MVA, Workers’ Compensation, and General Liability needs.

We work to identify the highest payment source, quickly recover those reimbursements and ensure accurate payments through our efficient workflows and processes. Tailored to your system’s needs and requirements, the attorneys and expert operational team at Harris & Harris would be happy to discuss your complex claims needs.

Contact us at sales@harriscollect.com to learn more.

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Ask us about how we are using AI and Machine Learning!

Harris & Harris is among the leading receivable recovery solution providers in the nation, with a comprehensive business unit dedicated to the healthcare industry. We are known for our collaborative collection approach, and strict compliance with federal and state regulations. Our ultimate goal is to obtain the highest level of recoveries while preserving the goodwill of your patients.