Harris & Harris Virtual Exhibit – Government

We miss seeing you in person…

But we think this is fun too.

For over 50 years, Harris & Harris has fostered lasting relationships, formed strong friendships, and built long term client partnerships through face-to-face interactions. Until we can safely travel and gather again, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting our favorite organizations through a virtual setting.

You didn’t think we’d forget the free swag, did you?

Each attendee who visits our booth will receive some free swag and be entered into our Amazon gift card raffle!

New! Pay by Text Tool

Increase response rates by allowing debtors to pay by a secure SMS gateway.

We are excited to be one of the first accounts receivable solutions to offer pay by text to your residents.

We’d love to show you how it works. Contact us today for short demo.

Everybody is a winner!

Let us know you stopped by and we will send you some free booth swag. Attendees are also entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Ask us about how we are using AI and Machine Learning!

Our proven processes and advanced strategies allow us to effectively bring a majority of court accounts to resolution, achieving our client’s goals of increased revenue generation. We work with courts across the country to recover court-related fines and fees in the following areas:

  • Criminal felonies
  • Criminal misdemeanors
  • DUIs
  • Traffic violations
  • Civil misdemeanors
  • Ordinance violations
  • Domestic violence cases
  • Victim restitution

We work with defendants to reach a positive account resolution. Understanding the nature of these debts allows us to discuss responsibilities and possible repercussions of not resolving the debt with the debtors/defendants, helping them find a way to relieve this burden.